Three nights in Bordeaux was hardly enough. Our hotel was on Place Gambetta, close to the main shopping street, Rue Sainte Catherine. This proved to be rather dangerous. There are a lot of shops selling adorable children’s clothes – so tempting for newly minted grandparents! I was in Bordeaux in 2012 doing a language course at Alliance Francaise and I stayed with a single lady, Isabelle, whose mother, Any, lived just across the tiny square from her house, which had previously belonged to her grandmother. We spent a day with Any, lunch, coffee etc, being driven around in her little car. That was an experience! I didn’t know elderly French ladies shouted rude words at other drivers. She also, by her own admission, hates red lights and frets and fumes, waiting for the change. Speaking French all day with Any was a good way to kick start my French, given that, when we arrived, I asked the bus driver to take us to war! I blame the jet lag. Bordeaux Is a great place to wander about in and we had some lovely food. We also spent a few hours in the Musee D’Aquitaine, which traces the city forward from prehistoric times.


Enjoying the Musee d’Aquitaine



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