Aix-en-Provence is a  lovely city, very reminiscent of Nice, and it is the home of Cezanne.  Sadly, the Cezanne museum doesn’t open until June 8.  Two other museums we were interested in were also closed so we were forced to abandon more cultural pursuits for shopping!  As a result, we have had to post a box of goodies home to Australia at great expense.  We are resolved not to buy any more ‘stuff’.  We had a really lovely meal in Aix at a little restaurant called ‘Le Petit Verdot’ in Rue Entrecasteaux.  Highly recommend it.  We also took the Petit Train around the city, rather like children going around a shopping centre.  Very bumpy, but good commentary and a good way to get an idea of places you would like to visit.


La Fontaine on Rue de Mirabeau


Le Petit Train


The French REALLY like their dogs


Moi at our hotel which had the smallest shower in the world


Saint Sauveur



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