Esperance to Cape Le Grand NP

Man at work!

Man at work!

First orchids at Lucky Bay -Donkey Orchid

First orchids at Lucky Bay -Donkey Orchid

Our first sighting of Lucky Bay was so impressive, we kept stopping the car to take photos before we even got to the campsite. Lucky Bay was named by Matthew Flinders when he found shelter from a summer storm here during his navigation of the Recherché Archipelago in the HMS Investigator in1802. The next bay along, Thistle Bay , was named for the Ship’s Master, John Thistle, when they found fresh water there. We are in Cape Le Grand National Park and it is stunningly beautiful. White sand beaches ((scientifically proven the whitest in Australia, apparently), turquoise and dark blue water, and amazing rock formations. We are already seeing some lovely wild flowers and there are kangaroos pottering around the camp site and sunning themselves on the beach. Feels a lot like Paradise. Tomorrow we will move on to Cape Arid N Park and camp nr Dolphin Cove which is supposed to be, perversely, a great spot for whale watching. Our next stop after that will be Stokes N Park. It is actually quite difficult to progress along the coast because we are constantly seduced by advice and stories from other travellers and the constant refrain of ‘You can’t miss ……./ You must see ……..etc. We have already decided we will have to come back. 3 months is too short!
It is great to be independent in the van, without the need for power. We can enjoy the national parks and stay at caravan parks when we want to do some laundry etc. We feel we have the best of both worlds.
We fall asleep to the sound of the waves rolling into the bay.


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