Cape Arid

We have had a morning of whale watching. First thing this morning, from bed, cup of tea in hand, in our home bay, and then we walked over to Dolphin Cove where we sat on the headland and watched them down in the shallows.
This afternoon we went on the Len Otte Nature Trail, which was lovely, except for the zillions of biting ants which were using the track as a super highway and which started to swarm over your shoes and ankles i

Dawn Cape Arid

Dawn Cape Arid

f you were foolish enough to stop moving. They obviously knew about the impending rain.
Pretty sunset this evening, plus a rainbow! This is a glorious place.
Moving on to Stokes N Park tomorrow, via Esperance, where we will stock up on supplies and buy fuel. We will have lunch on the way at Condingup Tavern to mark Fathers’ Day. The pictures of their meals included in the tourist brochure look truly awful. Fingers crossed!

Dawn at Cape Arid

Dawn at Cape Arid

Early morning whale watching

Early morning whale watching


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