Doha – last day

Postscript:  Museum and souq didn’t open at all yesterday and remain closed until after the end of fasting this evening, so we we won’t be able to visit either as we head for the airport at 9pm to catch our 12.55 am flight. Strangely, one of the less sophisticated shopping centres was open last night until very late, but it wasn’t anything special although it does feature a big funfair and an ice skating rink.  It  was at least somewhere to go!  Being tourists, we can scurry from one air-conditioned environment to another but the construction workers we can see from our window were hard at work this morning.  It was already 38.5 deg at 9.30 am.  There is a pool here but very little shade around it.  The water temp is 30 deg.  Why bother!  Some hardy souls were lying on banana lounges in full, albeit murky, sunlight.  Dust seems to be much worse today and the wind stronger.  

Today is a very relaxed day and I have booked a massage for this afternoon.  Nothing to do but eat, read, nap and do sudokos.  Geoff is enjoying following every tiny detail of Hawthorn’s latest victory.  


View from our hotel window – one of the many construction sites to be seen in Doha

Looking forward to being back in Melbourne.


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