Our last evening in Ypres we went to the 8pm Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate.  I was amazed at how many people gathered.  A choir sang a Scottish and an Irish song but England and Wales were not represented.  Very moving, all the same.

The next morning in Ypres was spent in organising a visit to the doctor for Geoff. It was very straightforward and we only had to wait a little while before leaving with antibiotics in hand. That was a relief! Geoff is recovering and we are both getting more sleep. 

Menen Gate


The choir at Menen Gate, backed by some of the thousands of names of the missing from the great War


Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres

 We spent a few hours in the marvellous Flanders Fields museum before having a late lunch and driving to Lille to drop the car off at Avis. That was interesting, in that we almost got divorced, but we made it in the end! The next day we discovered that the museums we wanted to visit are closed on Tuesdays so we took the sightseeing bus and generally pottered around. In the evening we met up with Bec, a friend of Anna’s who is living and working in Lille, and her French friend Alice, who was visiting. We sat outside in the sun at a nice bar and enjoyed an appero, and then we went to a gorgeous little restaurant called l’Etable. Food was excellent and we had champagne. It was a great night.






Lille – view from bar where we had an appero


Lille – l’Etable. Delightful!



1 thought on “Ypres/Lille

  1. Vivienne Rogers

    Hi Geoff and Jen,
    I’ve been following your blog with great delight, and thoroughly enjoying your comments and photos. Sorry to hear you’re not well Geoff (a contributor to the near divorce?), and trust you’ll soon improve. Mary Borden’s poem is heart-wrenching, and the comments at the cemeteries very moving. Glad to see you’re enjoying the food and wine!
    Love from us both,



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