Flowers of Spring and Summer – in cemeteries and gardens, public & private.


I have fallen in love with peonies. they are so OTT!



2 thoughts on “Flowers of Spring and Summer – in cemeteries and gardens, public & private.

  1. Edith Seuret

    it’s a pleasure to follow your travels through France, so much to see. I love the peonies too, my mother used to grow them in her garden and they used to flower for the Pentecost. So we called them pentecost roses.
    As always superb photography.
    The reason I am not writing in French is that I have succumbed once again to a Nina bug which she brought home from Kinder. My head is barely making it in English.
    This week is the last week in French for this term. Will you be back for next term?


    1. ravenscroftjb Post author

      Bonjour Edith,

      I am sorry you are sick. Geoff has had a terrible virus and we had to visit a doctor in Ypres. He is on antibiotics now and on the mend. I hope you recover quickly. Bless our little people and their kinder germs!

      Definitely back for next term. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Tonight we are meeting Meryl and Nigel for dinner and tomorrow we fly to Dubrovnik.

      Be well. Love from Jen xxxx

      On Thursday, June 18, 2015, ravensflightdotcom wrote:




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