Walpole – The Valley of the Giants

We paid a quick visit to Ocean Beach before we left Denmark and watched the Yellow-Billed Spoonbills snuffling through the mud (heck of a way to find lunch), before a final coffee at ‘Ravens’ and the drive to Walpole.

We drove out to The Valley of the Giants after lunch and did the Tree Top Walk, which reaches a max height of 40m, and the Ancient Empire Walk, which is ground-level and, therefore, more to my liking. The ‘giants’ are Red Tingle Trees (Eucalyptus jacksonii), which can grow to 75m and live for hundreds of years. They are extraordinary trees, not least because they remain standing even when the base of the trunk has been eaten out by fire, insects or disease and only a shell remains. It is hard to convey the grandeur of this forest but walking amongst these giants, just enjoying their presence, and breathing in the eucalyptus-scented air, is a calming and wonderful experience.

We have bought a book to help us identify the wildflowers which we are photographing, so I am trying to name the pics. Any botanical errors are all mine.


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