Bremer Bay and Point Ann

Walking the coastal paths in this part of the world is a delight.  Tiny specks of colour reveal themselves to be exquisite flowers which you are often seeing for the first time ever.  The variety is amazing.  On the other hand, not all of the flowers are so retiring.  Some, like the Royal Hakea and the big banksias, are the brass bands of the world of wildflowers – bold and loud. I gather that we will be seeing great swathes of flowers when we travel further north but, at the moment, we are enjoying them in isolation, as single plants or in small patches.

We are currently staying in a lovely caravan park in Bremer Bay and, today, we drove for about an hour over unmade roads to Point Ann.  The whales were quite active and we watched them for a long time.  We have seen whales in a few places now but still find it hard to tear ourselves away.  They are endlessly fascinating.


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