Ravensthorpe Wild Flower Show

We arrived in Ravensthorpe yesterday and are staying in a funny little caravan park with fairly old facilities but very friendly staff.  It is actually a relief to be away from the gale-force winds which have bedevilled the coast for the last few days.  The only disturbance here is the 5 am departures for the nearby nickel mine and hydrometallurgical processing plant which, strangely, appears to be near or within the Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage conservation area.  20% of WA’s  12,000 wildflower species can be found within the Fitzgerald River National Park.  We are going to drive down to the park tomorrow.


Today we visited the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show and I have included pics of some of the beautiful flowers we saw, along with a miraculous (given its speed) photo of a Blue Breasted Wren, taken by Geoff. It is such a pretty little bird, with chestnut shoulder patches.  Geoff took all of these photos with my modest little camera.


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