Photos from Cape Bauer and Head of Bight

I am getting a bit better at the photos.  Should be – we have been in Macca’s all morning.

Waiting for a call from Ford to say that the car is ready and we will be off to the national park.

Lovely to have fresh food again although very expensive.  Once everything is confiscated at the quarantine station nr. Eucla there is no opportunity to stock up again for a few days.  Business opportunity, Someone!  The roadside stops on the Nullabor are dispirited places specialising in fried food and you can’t get a decent coffee.  2 half-decent coffees cost $9.60 at the BP Roadhouse at Norseman.  Apparently Norseman is named for a horse which pawed the ground and turned up gold-bearing quartz for its owner.  We have had no such luck as yet.


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