Leaving Port Lincoln

Yesterday was wildlife day.  We saw a stumpy-tailed lizard on the road and stopped to have a look and encourage him to sun bake somewhere else.  As I moved around him, trying to shepherd him to safety, he spun around with me, all flaring mouth and blue tongue – 8 ins of fury.  My return to the car to fetch the camera eventually galvanised him into action ( he obviously knows what crap photos I take), and he scuttled off into the undergrowth, no doubt to return later to be squashed.

in the afternoon we went to Lincoln Nat Park and saw a black snake, an emu and the distant turquoise and blue flash of a Port Lincoln Parrot.  It was a lovely afternoon and we bought fresh fish on the way home to have with stir-fried vegs.  The previous day’s culinary tour-de-force was beautiful, fresh prawns cooked with garlic, chilli, white wine, lemon & parsley served on angel hair pasta topped with dressed rocket.  Sooooo good!

We left the Port Lincoln caravan park this morning and we are waiting on a few repairs to the caravan before we drive to Coffin Bay.  We said goodbye to our lapwing, who produced another egg while we were there.  The male and female Masked Lapwing are indistinguishable from one another so I don’t know which one is doing the lion’s share of the egg-sitting, but I have my suspicions!  Our insomniac honey eater continued to serenade us every night.

It’s a good job there aren’t too many Gen Xers about because they would all be making gagging motions, listening to all the smug old-farts exchanging self- congratulatory comments like … How good is this? Is this Paradise or what?, It’s a hard life, eh? and You wouldn’t be dead for quids!  We join in!


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